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Car Free = Care Free!

Car Free Day Indy is a Commuter Connect-sponsored event. The 4th Annual Car Free Day Indy will take place on Friday, September 20, 2019. On Car Free Day Indy, Commuter Connect encourages you to be car free/car-lite and minimize car usage through carpooling & vanpooling, riding transit, biking, or walking.

The benefits of being Car Free/Car-Lite include:

  • Be more productive! When you’re participating in a carpool, vanpool, or riding transit, you can work, text, and post; things you can’t do when you’re driving.
  • Save money! Carpool and pay less for gas, parking, and wear & tear on your vehicle.
  • Stay social! Carpooling and vanpooling will give you more time to spend with coworkers and friends instead of commuting or sitting in traffic alone.
  • Improve the environment! Carpooling & vanpooling reduces your carbon footprint and helps to improve the air quality in Indianapolis.

Car Free Day Indy is the perfect opportunity to truly experience these benefits, and more, with Commuter Connect. To participate in the 4th Annual event, all you will need to do is pledge to be car free/car-lite on September 20th by filling out the pledge form. So simple!

Once you pledge, you will receive a Commuter Connect Ticket to your mobile phone or tablet with details on Car Free Day Indy events. On Car Free Day Indy, you can redeem your Commuter Connect Ticket and learn how Commuter Connect can help EVERYONE find a carpool match!

PLUS, EVERYONE who pledges will be entered to win great prizes. AND each of the Car Free Day Indy locations will feature special events! Check back soon for more information!

Download the Car Free Day Indy Toolkit!


Thank you to all our event sponsors:

Citizens Energy Group
Eskenazi Health
Emmis Communications
One America
Pacers Rideshare
Another Broken Egg Cafe
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